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Need to un-clutter my brain. Need it out. Need to get it out. I need to focus. I did my driver's test the other week, passed it after a failing first attempt. Fuckers got me on the technical questions. Turns out I'm too cautious. But oh well. Have to keep typing. Can't stop. Need to get my mind focused. Wonder how actual writers do this for a living? Just force themselves to sit there and write? Huh. I'd end up falling asleep if I did that. Maybe if I did one of those five hour energy drink things, I could hunker down and stare hard enough for words to come out. Have you ever heard of The Eels? They're pretty awesome, even if it is just one dude. He's pretty freakin' talented. One man band, in a sense. He's a pretty good singer, even if his voice is a bit gruff. His songs fit his voice. Have to keep typing. Need to keep typing. I wonder why I hate my sister. It's not like I have a proper reason, at least not as a starting point. After a while… I just didn't like her anymore. Same with my dad. They did a lot of things to piss me off, but still, so does everybody. If I physically told everyone who pissed me off, I wouldn't have any friends anymore. But that's life, I suppose. There are times when I miss amber. I shouldn't, I really shouldn't. But I miss the amber in my memory, not the one that's living and breathing. I hope she's doing well. Better than me, at least. Cheatin' bitch. Apparently I acted like a stalker towards one of my former friends. … I honestly didn't mean to, but I just subconsciously did it, I suppose. Sorry Caitlyn, by the way. Not like she'll read this or any of her friends. Ah well. Might as well get that out too. Get everything out of my head. Everything but the story.  Maybe then I can write. I better be able to write then. Have you ever just walked down the street at night and as cars go by, you listen for that split second of silence? The one JUST before it passes. I love that. Better get ready, we're gonna rock with Gene and Eddyyyy. Sorry, listenin' to music. The Brian Setzer Orchestra is good, by the way. They're a big band, do bebop type rock and roll. I enjoy it. Makes ya wanna dance and do the shimmy. I think that should be enough. I'll do another one of these tomorrow before I start to actually write. That's right; I will actually attempt to write tomorrow. Crazy, ain't it.
Just me uncluttering my brain some more. No short story this time.
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September 23, 2011
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